Friday, November 12, 2010

Project Update

This week I worked on my storyboard, I already had most of the materials. I just needed to find some things like photos and such. Hopefully, I will have my storyboard finished this weekend. I am also working on my prototypes. I am having my mother help me sew the bean bag prototype. I need to think of some other prototypes. I might need help with some ideas. Next week I am going to get started on my dossier. If I finish my storyboard this weekend and know everything that is going to be included in the exhibition then I can start on my budgeting. While I was searching for materials I kept “tabs” on prices such as:  the paint, fabrics, furniture, etc. Slowly I am getting everything finished.

Question: Do I need to go to Sherman Williams and get individual samples of the black and white colors I have chosen?

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