Friday, November 5, 2010

Storyboard...bum bum bummm

This Saturday I am going with Jessica to shop for fabrics, swatches, paint strips, and other things for our storyboard. We are planning on going to Sherman Williams to look at their color schemes and then we are heading to Jo Ann Fabrics to buy some swatches. Then later we will probably stop at a craft store to look for designs and nick-nacks for the storyboard as well. I have changed my mind I think I am going to finish my storyboard before I start my dossier. I think the storyboard will give me a better understanding about my exhibit and that will be more helpful for when I start my dossier. I have couple of questions:
  1. On the storyboard do you want a list that will have examples of artifacts, painting, etc that will be in the exhibit?  Or does this go into the dossier?
  2. Is there a recommended size for the storyboard?
  3. Does the prototypes of brochures, quizzes, evaluations, any type of paper documents go with the dossier or the storyboard…or does it matter?

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