Monday, September 13, 2010

Project Update (1)

I am still unsure about the whole concept of the final project. But, so far my idea is going to relate to one of the programs we were going to do at the National First Ladies' Library. I did my internship at NFLL this summer under Lucinda "Cyndee" Frailley we were going to do three children's summer reading programs but they were cancelled due to the lack of kids. One of the programs was going to be on President Theodore Roosevelt's children and their pets. I started the research but once the program was cancelled I did not finish.

The audience will be children and their parents and the museum will mostly be a History Museum or something similar. I am not sure if this is what you wanted for the weekly project update or if I have the wrong idea for the project. So this is why I am sending the email early. So if it is wrong I can send you another one "hopefully correct" for tomorrow. If it is possible can you send me a type of rubric you want for this project. If possible thank you but if not that is okay. See you Monday!

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