Thursday, October 21, 2010

SURVEY...and the Responses

This week for my project I created a survey. I posted the survey on Facebook and so far I have gotten about 20 responses. I have noticed a quite of few people replied No to Question #12:
“Hypothetically, if you were a parent would you be interested in taking your children to a museum where there was an exhibit of Theodore Roosevelt’s children and their pets? 
            *If you answer NO why not?”

Some of the reasons were:
  1. NO, because I would like to know more about President Roosevelt but I don’t think what kind of pets his children had makes much difference.
  2. No. I don’t see why that is so important for them to learn?
  3. No cas I wld rather show them something else
  4. No – because I think there are a lot more important things that I’d want my kids to know about Theodore Roosevelt (like how he created the nat’l park system and stuff) instead of just about his kids and pets.

With these responses I decided my exhibit is going to be on Theodore Roosevelt and what he accomplished during his presidency. The Roosevelt children and their pets are still going to be a part of the exhibit but it will not be the main focus. The accomplishments can be for the parents and the children but the interactive participatory can be on the Roosevelt children and pets. It will be an interactive filled with fun facts.
Sound good?

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